Orchard Toys – Tummy Ache

I love Orchard Toys, if you don’t have one of their games then I recommend you take a look at their website to see the full range.  I was recently asked to review the game “Tummy Ache” so we were delighted to do so being such a fan of these fantastic games.

Tummy Ache is advertised as a game for age 3-10 years.  My children are 4 & 5 years and eagerly sat at the table while I explained what to do.  The game involves each player (maximum 4 players) taking a board which has a place setting on it consisting of a plate which is made up of three cards plus two further cards including a drink and a dessert.  The cards are in a pile and we each took turns drawing a card. 

You then place the card on the corresponding area on the place setting.  Sometimes the cards will have a yukky food combination of bugs or worms etc YUK! When you draw a card like this you all shout “TUMMY ACHE”.  As the game progresses you can swap your tummy ache cards for edible cards, as you draw them, and then you see who is first to create a healthy edible meal.

It was a really straightforward game to play – one that both the children could set up and play themselves and one that they could teach their friends how to play.  Both really enjoyed it, though my four year old loved it the most.  The only thing I wouldn’t be sure about is the age range.  If I see a product advertising an age range then I presume it’s suitable as a gift for all that age range.  I’m sure an older child would play it with younger family members but not sure how they’d feel receiving it as a present aimed at them, but younger children will play this over and over!

Yet another great product from Orchard Toys!


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